How to Check If You Are Targeted for 10,000 Membership Rewards Points for Enrolling in Pay Over Time

Update: Based on feedback, I believe this will only work for Business Charge cards.

Even though charge cards from American Express generally have to be paid off in full each statement cycle, American Express has a program called Pay Over Time that allows charge card holders the “benefit” to enjoy flexible payment options instead of paying off the balance in full. Of course, no one should ever take advantage of this benefit as you will get hit with a large APR but American Express lets you enroll in this feature even if you never have any intention of using it. To promote it, American Express is offering 10,000 Membership Rewards Points per eligible charge card to enroll in Pay Over Time to targeted members and I think there is a chance you could be targeted without knowing it.

I forgot to take a screenshot of the offer page and I can't regenerate it. Oops.

At one point in time, almost anyone was able to signup for this promotion to receive the 10,000 MR points but American Express has cracked down on this and allows only targeted users to receive the bonus. However, someone recently shared with me a link that was working for some people (though not everyone) to enroll in this service and earn 10,000 Membership Rewards points. I gave it a shot and clicked this link which leads to a screen asking you to log in to your American Express account. Even though I hadn’t received the offer directly from American Express, I tried it for my 2 eligible cards (Business Platinum and Business Gold) and it worked! Remember this offer will only work on charge cards such as the Platinum, Premier Rewards Gold or Business Gold cards.



Here is the direct link to the offer – 

Considering you don’t actually have to take advantage of this benefit (and you really shouldn’t), if you happen to be targeted for this, it is a no-brainer to take advantage of this. I know some people hate seeing posts about targeted offers but considering this takes all of 10 seconds to check, I think this is worth posting about.

Share your results in the comments!

Note: This was suppose to be posted two weeks but it was hiding in my drafts. Better late than never.

14 thoughts on “How to Check If You Are Targeted for 10,000 Membership Rewards Points for Enrolling in Pay Over Time

  1. Link worked – but I wasnt targetted 😦


  2. I get the message “The Pay Over Time information is applicable to Consumer Charge Cards only.” I have the SPG AMEX card, how is that not a consumer card?


    • This offer is for charge cards only – on charge cards you need to pay the balance in full each month however this promotion allows you to have the option to carry a balance and pay over time just like a credit card (like your SPG amex)


  3. I clicked the link and logged in. Just sent me to my AMEX home screen. All of my cards are on one account. What should I be seeing? How do I check the individual cards? Thanks for this!


  4. Tried it on my Plat AX and then my spouse’s PRG and both times just got the home page. Neither is a business card so perhaps that is a requirement.


  5. Logged in with my husband’s account. He has the Amex Ameriprise Plat. Got the message that he wasn’t targeted. Boo. Thanks for sharing! (Doesn’t seem to be specific to Business cards though?)



    didn’t get it.


  7. My cards were automatically enrolled. No offer for bonus points.


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