Good Deal Alert: Save 10-15% on All Hyatt Hotels + Easy Hyatt Diamond Status Match

Update: Hyatt is now only matching to Platinum status unless you are top tier at SPG, Hilton or Marriott. 

There are actually two separate promotions going on right that anyone with future Hyatt stays should take advantage of. Let’s break them down.

1. Save 10-15% on All Future Hyatt Stays – It what appears to be an annual offering from Hyatt, through November 24th per this Flyertalk thread, Hyatt is offering 10% off gift cards, e-gift cards and certificate checks when using promo code GPGIFT15. Here is the link to purchase these gift cards or certificates.

HyattGiftCard HyattGiftCard

However there is a way to make this offer better if you have an American Express business card enrolled in OPEN Savings (such as the SPG Business or Amex Business Platinum cards). In years past, purchasing gift cards would qualify for the 5% discount offered by the OPEN Savings program for Hyatt purchases and I assume this will continue to be the case this year as well.  This is the last year you can use this benefit as Hyatt is leaving the OPEN Savings program on 1/1/16 so make sure to put these purchases on a card that is enrolled in OPEN Savings even if means giving up 3x Hyatt points for using the Hyatt Visa as I much rather earn 1 SPG point & get an extra 5% discount  instead.

This is a great way to lock in a ~15% discount (technically slightly less than 15%) on all future Hyatt stays. I am participating in this offer as even though I have a few Hyatt stays next year booked solely on points, this is a fantastic way to basically get 15% off all incidents at the hotel (food, activities etc.)

2. Easy Status Match to Diamond Status – The big news yesterday was that Hyatt has introduced a new status match to Hyatt Diamond status that will be quite easy for many of you to achieve. All Hyatt is asking for to get matched to Diamond status is proof of elite status at any other hotel chain with at least one eligible stay this year. Now many of us have some form of elite status from credit cards and most of them will work for this status match! If you have Hilton Gold (from the  American Express Surpass or Citi Hilton Reserve credit cards), IHG Platinum (from IHG credit card), Marriott Gold (from Ritz Carlton credit card) or Starwood Gold (American Express Platinum card), you can use that to get matched!

You can either send a DM to their twitter team @HyattConcierge but I recommend emailing Hyatt Gold Passport at with proof of your elite status, proof of at least one stay and your Hyatt Membership number. As you might expect, they are overwhelmed with responses so it is taking some time for them to respond so don’t expect a response right away. To be honest, this deal seems too good to be true but people are already reporting success so let’s hope it continues for everyone else!


2 thoughts on “Good Deal Alert: Save 10-15% on All Hyatt Hotels + Easy Hyatt Diamond Status Match

  1. Ralph, Did you guys use the Check Certificates when you guys went to Papagayo earlier this year? For some reason I thought I remembered reading that. Anyways, curious if you thought it was worth the 10% savings given that they the exchange rates international Hyatts use isnt the best. Seems to be a lot of negative comments out there about using them overseas.


    • I didn’t use them at Papagayo – used them at the Park Hyatt Maldives without issue as they charge in USD. It’s close whether to use them with all the issues but I’m probably still a buyer – more so if I have an Amex Open card


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