Targeted Offers for the Chase United Explorer Cards Don’t Expire…Maybe

I hate to post something that I can’t replicate to prove it works for others but I need others to chime in on their experience to see if this is anything or just a random coincidence. Last month, I was targeted for a 50,000 mile offer on the Chase MileagePlus Explorer Card and it was clear per the terms offer that I must apply by October 21st.  I applied for this card two years and cancelled it about a year ago, so I pleasantly surprised to see this offer. Here is a snippet from the email:


However for various reasons that aren’t important, I decided to pass on applying and did nothing by October 21. Last night, I decided to see if the offer still worked for me and I clicked the link from the email. And it still showed I could apply for the 50,000 offer even though it was past the stated expiration date. However, that’s not the most interesting part.


Now as many of you know, you must sign into your United account whenever you try any of the targeted links that can be found floating around the internet that advertise a 50,000 mile offer since the standard, public bonus right now is only 30,000 miles on Chase’s website. Interestingly, I can only get the 50,000 mile offer to appear when clicking the link from my email (which re-directs me to If I try that link directly or any others that I have found, I can only get a 30,000 mile offer to appear. There seems to be something to be said for clicking the link via the targeted email even though it should be expired as that is only working 50k link for me.

So is this something noteworthy? I have no clue but check your email folders (spam too) to see if you ever got sent a similar offer to apply, pay no attention to the expiration date in that email and give the link in the email a shot. Maybe this helps someone get a 50,000 mile offer they thought was expired and would never think to try clicking on an “expired” offer. This could also help those who don’t want to rush to apply for the card and want to wait to apply to make it part of a larger round of applications.

Has anyone had a similar experience like this?


2 thoughts on “Targeted Offers for the Chase United Explorer Cards Don’t Expire…Maybe

  1. Although I don’t think this is relevant to your experience, I’ll share a data point. In 2013 I had United Silver status that was comped to me via their Marriott crossover deal. They sent me a 55K or 60K offer in January 2014 (postal mail) which had a specific URL and a statement that the offer was good until March 31. I had visited the web site in January but had some other bonus spend targets that I was completing so I waited to apply. Because my hotel status had dropped a level, I lost my United status at the end of February. To my surprise, when I visited the URL again in mid-March the offer was changed to the standard 30K. I decided to apply anyway and see if Chase would match it, which they did after I sent them a scan of the offer letter. So…always save those postal offers if you think there is a chance that you might apply!


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