Quick Deal: 5,000 American Airlines AAdvantage Miles for a Free Solar Energy Consulation

NRG Home Solar is offering 5,000 American Airline AAdvantage miles for setting up a FREE consultation to discuss a solar energy solution for your home and an 25,000 additional miles if signup and install solar panels.


I’ve been aware of other offers to switch energy providers or signup for other solar energy providers but those all required some sort of purchase. This is the first offer I’m aware of where you can earn miles simply for meeting with them. You can request a consultation online or call them at 1-888-537-7898 and mention offer code AAL30k.

The requirements to be eligible for the consultation are:

  • Must be a resident of California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York
  • First time NRG Home Solar customer
  • Own a “solar-feasible roof”

I’ve read through the fine print of the offer and it seems as long as you qualify for a free consultation above then this should be an easy way to earn 5,000 AA miles which I value at around ~$75. I’m not sure how much time you will need to commit to the consultation (which is at your house, I can’t imagine it’s more than an hour or so), I’d say this is probably worth considering if you have some free time and don’t mind the inevitable hard sell.


3 thoughts on “Quick Deal: 5,000 American Airlines AAdvantage Miles for a Free Solar Energy Consulation

  1. I would totally do this…but I already own a solar system; bummer. I suppose I could try to use the in-law’s house though…


  2. I had NRG give me a bid 5 weeks ago, but haven’t received my 5000 points yet. They do say points are added within 4-6 weeks so I have one more week to go before I get too worried. I don’t fly often so I was counting on these points in order to keep my other points from expiring.


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