9 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Open an Air France Flying Blue Frequent Flyer Account Now If You Don’t Already Have One

  1. Didn’t know there was an issue like this. On Monday this week, I opened a Flying Blue account, transferred Amex points to it, then got a ticket thru Air France from Berlin to Manchester thru Heathrow. Actually flying KLM but didn’t know that until end of transaction. Anyway–no problems.


    • This issue certainly doesn’t affect everyone but it is an issue for some. Not sure how their program flags accounts but looks like yours passed. Congrats!


  2. Good Info, but completely omits the obvious question: why would anyone EVER want to possibly expose themselves to such a clown-car scenario ? What does FB offer to make it worth putting up with this garbage, instead of utilizing a competitor ?


    • It’s a fair point and quite frankly shitty of FB for doing this. But for people who have loads of Citi points and want to book a Delta award, this could be the best way. And FB is cheaper then Delta on some awards. Personally, I’m hesitant to go down this route but others will chance it. I’m suggesting this tip as a way to mitigate the risk.


  3. Any idea how long an inactive account goes without being closed?


    • Not sure. There are usually requirements on activity to keep miles from expiring but unsure on what they are to keep account open (if there are any).


  4. […] Quick Tip: Open an Air France Flying Blue Frequent Flyer Account Now If You Don’t Already Have On… – Opening an account now could prevent problems when trying to redeem miles later. […]


  5. Do you know how long flying blue takes to issue tickets?


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