Did Bank of America Get Rid of the Spanish Reconsideration Line?

If you have applied for multiple Bank of America cards in the past few months, you most likely had to call the reconsideration department to get approval on one or more cards. A popular hack used by many of us was to call the Bank of America Spanish Reconsideration Department as those agents spoke English, were extraordinarily helpful in approving multiple cards without question and there was rarely any hold time. However, one of my readers pointed out that the phone number for that department, 1-866-865-7843, is now a non-working phone number.

This is an unfortunate development as many people had great success in having the Spanish reconsideration line approve multiple applications without any question. In my last app-o-rama (which I will post about shortly), I picked up multiple Alaska Airline cards and when calling this number to get approved on the other cards, the agent didn’t even mention the other applications on the same day. They really did not seem to care about multiple applications and it was quite easy to rack up many cards. For whatever reason, the main reconsideration department seemed slightly stricter based on feedback I’ve heard and read online but I’ve never personally called them so I can’t vouch for that.

In addition to the Spanish line being disconnected, some of the other Bank of America reconsideration numbers I see floating out there on the internet are also now non-working numbers. I believe the following are the best current reconsideration numbers:

Personal Cards – 877-721-9405. Hit zero to get an agent. 

Business Cards- 800-481-8277

I’ll bet the Spanish reconsideration department at Bank of America still exists but probably with a new phone number since that old number was all over the internet. If anyone has any luck finding the new Spanish reconsideration number, please let me know.


(HT SlawekC for this comment)


One thought on “Did Bank of America Get Rid of the Spanish Reconsideration Line?

  1. I’m interested in the new number as well.


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