9 thoughts on “PSA: Don’t Listen to Certain Bloggers & Signup for a Chase Bank Account with a $250 Bonus

  1. Thanks and continue this great weekly feature!


  2. Totally appreciate your calling it like it is. Keep up the good work, and YES to the weekly feature:-)


  3. Talking about the watch, and posting pictures of himself.


  4. YES YES YES I love this weekly feature where you tell it like it is and show us how we can do better than TPG wants us to do


  5. talking about the watch, posting pictures of himself, and not bothering to take the time to respond to his readers. lol. i stopped going to his blog due to the latter. On the other side of the spectrum, i don’t know how Dan’s Deals does it…. :))


  6. Mommatraveler

    Thanks for the updates. They are really useful and I appreciate your moral stance. It’s a shame when a blog gets so big that it loses its way ..that is, it is no longer about the dissemination of really useful information but more about the mighty dollar. However, these “big” bloggers are treating this like a business, and earning their living from doing it, so in some ways it’s just like any other business…trying to part you from your hard earned cash however they can!


  7. I don’t get blog readers and bloggers. You know TPG is bad. But everyone who posted here still reads him. Doesn’t that make you part of the problem?


    • I won’t speak to readers but as a blogger, I follow almost every major blogger on Feedly as there is the occasional post by TPG/MMS that breaks news or I don’t see elsewhere. Plus by following on Feedly, I am not giving them any page views or other support


  8. […] PSA: Don’t Listen to Certain Bloggers & Signup for a Chase Bank Account with a $250 Bonus  –  PointsCentric     I like it when bloggers name names, I started it   It’s all about taking care of the public and not fleecing them. […]


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