PSA: Don’t Apply for the Alaska Airlines Credit Card Unless It Has a $100 Statement Credit

Update (5/10:) Link below does not work anymore but I found a workaround to still get the $100 statement credit.

If I’m being honest, one of the things that really irks me about this hobby is several well-known bloggers not making their readers aware of the best offer on a particular credit card. The latest example is the Alaska Airlines credit card which according to these expert bloggers only has a 25,000 mile signup bonus. The truth is there is actually a public offer that has a 25,000 mile signup bonus + a $100 statement credit for spending $1,000 in 3 months.

Alaskan Airlines

The best part about this card (and Bank of America cards in general) is that you can get several of them on the same day for just one credit pullI was able to get 2 Alaska credit cards on my wife’s latest churn on the same day without issue. Recently Frequent Miler reported he was able to get 4 Virgin Atlantic credit cards (which are also issued by Bank of America) in his crazy quest for a week on Necker Island. It is nice to see Bank of America being so liberal giving out multiple cards on the same day when other banks have tightened up this practice.

While this may not be groundbreaking news to many of you, consider this your friendly public service announcement to always make sure to apply for the Alaska Airlines Visa with the $100 statement credit. With every application, Bank of America is essentially paying you $25 ($100 statement credit – $75 annual fee) to acquire 25,000 Alaska miles. If you were able to get 3 of these cards in a day, that one credit pull would be worth 75,000 miles in addition to receiving $75 dollars. That sure beats paying $225 for the same amount of miles if you didn’t know about this offer and listened to those other bloggers.


7 thoughts on “PSA: Don’t Apply for the Alaska Airlines Credit Card Unless It Has a $100 Statement Credit

  1. I’m tempted to do the two browser trick … but … I decided from now on I will only apply for cards that have offers I can’t refuse. I’ve noticed that Alaska Airlines has periodically offered 50K for the card. Patience should net me 100K w/ this trick eventually. Presently I have loads of miles and points and not enough time off to use. What other cards / banks can you use this trick? Thank you for the heads up!


    • It might be possible with other banks but I’m not really sure and haven’t tested it. I know it does NOT work with Citibank. Some banks will let you do a personal and business card on the same but again not sure on a duplicate card from the same bank on same day.


  2. […] PSA: Don’t Apply for the Alaska Airlines Credit Card Unless It Has a $100 Statement Credit  –  PointsCentric     If there is one thing I think I made a contribution to this quirky hobby is to bring the issue of conflicts of interest of credit card affiliate bloggers wide in the open naming names and speaking the truth. Now it has become so common so many are doing it and I LOVE it! So if you are pumped with the affiliate offer losing out on $100 BE ANGRY and NEVER come back to that site! And yeah don’t click on mine for crying out loud, I will have trouble sleeping at night. Thankfully nobody has…I think, I remember them all. My favorite is the Prestige card […]


  3. great post! Keep on trucking and providing great info, thank you. Just one note, if you apply for multiple cards, there is a high likelihood of get a lower (platinum) version of this card, you can still reverse bank’s decision but it will take some phone work with them.




  4. The $100 statement credit deal seems like a fraud! The link takes you to URL and that doesn’t look like a secured BoFA application form


    • Hmm not a fraud as my credit card statement shows otherwise but if you are not comfortable with the URL then I do recommend applying for the standard offer on BofA’s website


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