New Better Offer on Southwest Personal Premier Credit Card: 50,000 Points + $100 Statement Credit

Yesterday, I received an email from Southwest with the best offer I’ve ever seen on the personal Southwest card – 50,000 points + $100 statement credit. This offer is targeted however and the link I have for the card pre-populates my information in the application. However it might be possible for anyone to get this offer by phone.


From my understanding there are several different offers being promoted to Rapid Rewards members including the standard 50,000 point offer on the personal Southwest card as well as a 60,000 point offer on the Southwest Business credit card. In the comments of this post from Doctor of Credit, someone was able to successfully apply for the 60,000 point offer on the business card even though they weren’t targeted as the phone number on the application was a direct line to a department that handed this special offer.

I don’t know if this will work for this offer but the phone number listed on the application is 1-866-836-0917. Interestingly enough another Southwest account that I manage only got an email with a 50,000 point offer on the personal card (no statement credit) and the phone number for that application is different from the above. So applying by phone might work to get the better offer but this is a huge YMMV situation. They might ask for an invitation number in which you try to say you accidentally deleted the email but maybe they can look up the offer for you. Do not apply for the card on the phone unless the rep confirms you are applying for the better offer which includes the statement credit. 

If that doesn’t work, then I would suggest scanning your email folders for an email from Southwest with the subject line “Rapid Rewards Member: 50,000 points + $100 statement credit”.

Did anyone have any luck getting this offer to work?


4 thoughts on “New Better Offer on Southwest Personal Premier Credit Card: 50,000 Points + $100 Statement Credit

  1. i tried the phone number only but they said I need an offer number. so no luck


  2. This deal is active again. 50k points after 2k spend in the first 3 months. 6k anniversary bonus. Here is a current link for the offer:


  3. I have referrals for the 50K bonus when you get a Southwest Airlines Plus Credit Card.


    You have to spend $2000 in 3 months.
    You receive 3000 bonus points on your CC anniversary

    This offer was sent to me to hand out to my friends and family.
    If you want to be my friend and use this offer
    Email me at

    Offer expires 09/30/2015


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