Good Deal Alert: Take $100-$200 off Most Hotels on Expedia with No Minimum Amount!

Update: Dead! As I mentioned, when a deal like this sounds too good to be true, it will get pulled way earlier than the stated end date. Congrats to those who took advantage!

Expedia is running a promotion in which you can instantly save $100-$200 on most hotels with NO minimum dollar amount for the hotel. However you do have to stay at least 3-5 nights at the hotel for the discount code to be applied. That means if you were able to find a cheap hotel (say $100/night), on a 3 night stay, it is like buying two nights and getting one free! This will also work best for hotels in SE Asia, Las Vegas and other parts of the world where hotels are generally cheap to begin with. You must book by March 15th and travel must be by August 31st but I sincerely doubt this code will last that long!

Here are the offers with coupon code:

Save $100 on any stay of 3+ nights using coupon code: DISCVR105

Save $150 on any stay of 4+ nights using coupon code: DISCVR151

Save $200 on any stay of 5+ nights using coupon code: DISCVR201

One Example for a Cheap Vegas Hotel

One Example for a Cheap Vegas Hotel

The great thing about this promotion is most hotel chains are included (except Accor hotels) which is generally not the case with these type of promotions. As a reminder, you won’t earn hotel points and may not have elite benefits recognized if you book a chain hotel this way but the savings should outweigh the hotel points earned, especially if you are an infrequent traveler or not chasing elite status.

Here are the full terms and conditions.

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3 thoughts on “Good Deal Alert: Take $100-$200 off Most Hotels on Expedia with No Minimum Amount!

  1. Seems to have expired already


  2. I just received this email. I guess it’s because I paid with PayPal. But I did not see the Discovery terms anywhere on the website

    Dear Expedia Customer,

    Your Expedia purchase has been cancelled due the following reasons:

    To make this purchase, you used a coupon that was made available to Discover® cardholders for purchases made on their Discover card. This coupon was improperly distributed to some non-Discover cardholders and improperly used for purchases made with cards other than Discover cards. The terms and conditions of the coupon require that a Discover card be used for payment. The terms and conditions of the coupon also include other restrictions including a prohibition on the use of more than one coupon per account and a restriction limiting use of the coupon to U.S. customers. For your reference, below is a copy of the coupon that you used.

    Your purchase was made in violation of one or more of the restrictions in the coupon terms and conditions. Completing your booking on required your acceptance of Expedia’s Terms of Use, in which you agreed that Expedia may cancel any travel or service reservations if your booking or account shows signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity. Please contact us at if you think there may be a mistake. Include your email address and the itinerary number associated with your booking as well as a brief description of why you feel a mistake was made and we will review any information you provide.



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