500 Free & Easy Lufthansa Miles

Lufthansa is giving 500 FREE Lufthansa Miles for signing up for their loyalty program newsletter, Miles & More. It’s really as simple as providing your Lufthansa Miles & More loyalty program number and an email address for the newsletter (hint: don’t use your main email unless you actually want to read the newsletter).

Click Here to Signup for the the Lufthansa Newsletter to Earn 500 Miles.


I know many people have (or had) 50,000+ Lufthansa miles when the Barclays Miles & More credit card had a large signup bonus on it so this is a way to supplement that balance with another 500 miles. Even if you don’t have any Lufthansa miles now, you never know when you might acquire more Lufthansa miles, such as another large signup bonus appears for that card. In short, for ten seconds of your time, signing up for this newsletter for 500 miles is worth doing.

The Terms & Conditions are as follows:


(H/T Mile Nerd)


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