Point & Center: 1,000 Free Hyatt Points (Targeted), Double Points on Purchases at Small Businesses, Amex Small Business Saturday Credits Now Posting & Earn Miles for Parking

Here is a quick rundown of what you should know about in the points & miles blogosphere.

1) 1,000 Free Hyatt Points (Targeted) – Hyatt sent out emails to certain Hyatt members offering them 1,000 Free Hyatt points as a way to say thank you for being a member. If you got the email, all you had to do was click the link in the email by January 31st and you would receive the 1,000 points. It is widely speculated that the only members to receive the email from Hyatt were Chase Hyatt Visa credit card holders that were also Diamond members. I have the Hyatt Visa but I am not a current Diamond member (I was earlier this year) but I did not receive the email.

You can try to register for the free points at this link here but it wouldn’t work for any of the accounts I manage. Otherwise if you are a Chase Hyatt Visa holder and a Diamond member check your email folders, especially your spam folder as some people reported seeing their email in their junk folder.


2) Double Points on Purchases at Small Businesses for American Express Everyday Card Holders – If you have an American Express Everyday or Everyday Preferred credit card, you can register for a special promotion from American Express to earn 2x points on purchases made at small businesses. The link to register can be found here. This offer comes on the heels of Small Business Saturday (see next paragraph) so it is encouraging to see Amex entice customers to continue to shop small. 2x points won’t make you points-rich overnight but it’s better than nothing. Here is a map of small businesses that would qualify.


3) $10 Small Business Saturday Credits Now Posting – This past Saturday was Small Business Saturday and I mentioned earlier how for each American Express Card you have (including authorized users cards, prepaid cards like Bluebird & Serve and even store Amex card like the Macy’s American Express) you could earn a $10 statement each time you spent $10+ at a small business, up to 3x per card. So you could effectively make three$10 transactions per Amex card and receive $30 in statements credits thereby making your purchases free!

Andrea & I had a total of ten Amex cards between us and we scored $300 worth of free stuff! We bought $200 in gift cards at a small, local grocer (swiping $10 at a time) and then purchased a $100 gift card to our favorite Italian restaurant in the area (again swiping $10 at a time). While checking my statements online today, I noticed that all the $10 credits hit my account thereby confirming we received $300 free in gift cards! While Amex does say it can take 90 days to receive the credit, check your account to see if your credits have posted.


4) Earn Miles for Parking – I’m always interested in earning more miles, especially in cases where I am not currently earning any miles. There are several parking programs, Thanks Again & PreFlight Parking in which you can miles for parking, mostly related to airport parking. The earning ratio appears to be a mile per dollar spent on parking in most cases which isn’t a ton but if you frequently park at airports before your travels, you might as well earn some additional miles for it. Check out MileNerd’s post for more details on the different programs.


4 thoughts on “Point & Center: 1,000 Free Hyatt Points (Targeted), Double Points on Purchases at Small Businesses, Amex Small Business Saturday Credits Now Posting & Earn Miles for Parking

  1. Hi. I am wondering who pays for the cost of small business Saturday. Is it Amex, as part of their marketing budget or is it the merchants themselves. My wife did $150 in 5 cards for both of us but I keep on wondering whether the business gets stuck with the bill.


    • I definitely do not think businesses eat the cost. In my cases, they were happy to swipe say 10-20 times at $10 a pop even though that was increasing their cost with each swipe. If the businesses covered the cost, I have to imagine we would hear reports of small buisnesses turning away or refusing to do this for people


      • Thank you Ralph for your quick reply. That is good to know, because it will completely change my strategy next time. Amex is doing some great things with the discounts that can more than cover even the Platinum fee if used smartly!


        • Yup. And if you have no annual fee Amexs or prepaid Amexs like Bluebird/Serve you can make money each year simply for having the card between small buisness saturday and the ongoing amex offers


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