Welcome Million Mile Secrets Readers!

Welcome New Readers! This morning Daraius at Million Mile Secrets posted my interview on his site in which I discuss a little bit about myself and my obsession background with points & miles. I’ve been fully immersed into our amazing hobby since 2011 and I’ve taken some amazing trips around the world that would otherwise be impossible without points & miles.

Eiffel Tower - May 2014

Eiffel Tower – May 2014

My wife & I at Formal Night on Celebrity Millennium Alaskan Cruise - June 2014

My wife & I at Formal Night on Celebrity Millennium Alaskan Cruise – June 2014

Here is a quick summary about what you will see on my site:

  • Consulting Service This is a staple of what I do and what really makes PointsCentric stand out from other blogs. For a nominal fee, I work with clients to create customized guides on how to earn points and miles for their dream vacation. I don’t simply just tell you to apply for a credit card – I correspond with clients on weekly/monthly basis (as decided by the client) via email or on the phone to make sure everything is going well and to be there for any question, comment, concern or change that comes along. Please check out my Consulting page for more detail.
  • Award Booking Service – Compared to my peers, I have some of the lowest rates in the business. While many people who are well-versed in miles do not need an Award Booking Service, I offer it for clients and readers who simply don’t want to waste time and figure out all the nuisances of an frequent flyer program. I personally enjoy the challenge and in the event, I can’t get anything booked for you, there is no fee due. Please check out my Award Booking Service page for more detail.
  • Unlike many blogs, there are NO affiliate links anywhere on this blog. I believe that in order to offer a truly independent view in my consulting services, I can’t be incentivized to recommend certain credit cards because it offers me a higher commission. This is similar to the belief in fee-only financial planners – those based on commissions inherently have bias and are undoubtedly influenced to push certain products over others (I know caused I work for a commission only financial planner in my college days).
  • There are also no revenue-generating ads on this site. The only ads are the ones occasionally put in automatically by WordPress on the bottom of a page. I don’t like seeing ads on other website so I chose not to clutter my site with them either. I don’t need to earn $.04 a day cluttering my site with useless ads if it turns off readers.

I hope you’ll check out my site and become a follower either via Twitter, Instagram, Feedly, and/or Email (signup box is in the right sidebar, make sure to check for a confirmation email!). I love engaging with my readers so I make sure to answer every email or comment posted. I will also be attending the #westcoastDO in November so I would love to meet any fellow miles & points nuts enthusiasts in person. Feel free to email me or leave me any questions or comments!

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