Could the 70,000 Point Chase Ink Plus Offer Actually Be Available After 10/19?

UPDATE: This offer still appears to be publicly available in-branch only. So I was kinda right – go me!

If you read any other points and miles blog in the past month, you probably seen dozens of posts about the “Amazing 70,000 Chase Ink Plus Offer” or “Don’t Wait, Get 70,000 Points Today” and how the offer for this could expire any moment. In fact, many thought it was going to expire last week but it didn’t but now the new expiration date is October 19th. However, is it possible this is wrong and it could actually be extended again (cue mischievous laugh)!

This is pure speculation and I could be very wrong but based on this targeted offer my father received for his business, his 70,000 point offer is good until 11/10. To be clear, this is a targeted offer so by no means does it have to match the public offer that is going on for the Chase Ink Plus business credit card. The odds are small but it wouldn’t shock me to see Chase possibly extend that deadline one more time (and result in even more posts about with bloggers’ affiliate links which is something I refuse to do 🙂 )

Notice the Expiration Date in the Bottom Left

Notice the Expiration Date in the Bottom Left

*As a reminder, I do not have affiliate links as that is a direct conflict of interest with my consulting services. In fact, I didn’t even link to the card in this post.*

5 thoughts on “Could the 70,000 Point Chase Ink Plus Offer Actually Be Available After 10/19?

  1. I’m very discouraged. I applied for the Chase Ink business card for my actual business I’ve had for 3 years. I was doing design work on the side as a sole proprietor for 2 1/2 years and just recently obtained my LLC 6 months ago. I’ve had positively increasing income since 2011 and the design business alone pulls in tens of thousands on top of my annual salary at my main job as an architect. I was immediately denied for the card. Reasons listed: “Business is too new”.
    I called the reconsideration line and they said I didn’t have any business credit – that was obvious to me, I’ve never had a business card. They were courteous and asked for proof of positive business income. I gave them all last three tax returns and the guy actually said “Wow it looks like you’re doing well with your side business…” Then ten minutes later officially denied me because I didn’t have any actual business credit yet…? I am frustrated because I fully expected to obtain it. Especially after reading all these comments of people getting it with brand new businesses and no income! I have plenty of income and I’ve been a business for 3 years! Am I the only anomaly on here that got denied!? I’m assuming there’s nothing else I can do for this card.


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