Delta Awards on Sale for Elites & Delta Credit Card Members…With Tons of Restrictions

Delta announced a quick promotion in which Delta elite members or those who hold a Delta credit card can enjoy a discount on certain award redemptions. However, there are a ton of restrictions with the biggest being all awards must be booked by tonight (11:59 EST). The discount is applicable on roundtrip saver awards and the discount ranges from 4,000 miles off to 10,000 miles off based on the award (see the chart below).


The downside to this promotion is there are a TON of restrictions so this promotion might not be very useful for some. Click here for a description of all restrictions but the major ones are:

  • Must be Elite Member or Delta Credit Card Holder
  • Travel Between October 22nd and February 28 but there are a ton of blackout dates around the holidays
  • Economy class awards only
  • Flights must solely be on Delta, not their partners
  • International flights must be booked 30 days in advance AND you must stay at least 7 days (this is big bummer)

If you can deal with these restricitons, then you should be able to book these awards online at and the website should reflect the lower price.



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