Quick Reminder – 25% JetBlue American Express Transfer Bonus Ends Tomorrow!

Last month, I posted about a 25% bonus on all JetBlue point transfers from American Express. I wanted to send out a quick reminder that this promotion ends tomorrow, September 15th. Normally, the ratio to transfer American Express Membership Rewards points into JetBlue TrueBlue points is 5:4 and you must transfer in increments of 250 points. Without this promotion, to get 10,000 JetBlue points you would have to transfer 12,500 Amex points but now to get the same 10,000 JetBlue points, it would only cost you only 10,000 Amex points!

25% Bonus on Points Transferred to JetBlue Ends Tomorrow!

25% Bonus on Points Transferred to JetBlue Ends Tomorrow!

Now many points and miles bloggers don’t talk about the JetBlue program for a variety of reason – no first class, lack of “real” elite status, and a poor frequent flyer program. However, if you are like me and based in NY or in other JetBlue focus cities, like Boston, JetBlue is sometimes the best value for popular leisure routes to the Caribbean and Florida compared to the big legacy airlines. In my award booking service, I have found clients a roundtrip flight from JFK to the Bahamas for only 13,800 points as compared to the 35,000 miles that Delta, American or United would charge.

Before transferring any points over to JetBlue though, research the cost in points on JetBlue’s website. There are no blackout dates so every flight is available for points but some are better deals than others. Once you have settled on the flights you want, at that point only, should you transfer your Amex MR points to JetBlue. Transfers between Amex and JetBlue happen instantly so you could book the flight immediately after transferring the points (you might need to sign out and sign back in to see the points).

I do plan on transferring some Amex points over to JetBlue as I tend to visit the Caribbean several times a year and JetBlue offers the most convenient and plentiful flight options from the NY area. This isn’t for everyone but before you write off the JetBlue program take a look at your future travel goals and see if JetBlue makes sense for you.


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