The End of One of the Best Travel Hacks: Amazon Payments

Tonight is a sad night in the travel hacking universe as one of the best and most reliable methods for free miles is coming to an end. Using Amazon Payments for person to person payments is shutting down effective October 13th per Amazon’s annual notice. You can still get in two more transactions, one in September and one more in early October. After October 13th, Amazon Payments will continue solely as a way to checkout on websites that accept Amazon for payment.

Every month Amazon Payments would let you send $1,000 to another person via your credit card for no fee. Then that person would simply pay you back via check or other means. If you had a circle of 3 or more people, then it would go A -> B -> C -> A and everyone would be paid in full and also 1,000 miles/points richer each month.

Amazon Payments has been going strong for 4 years now and it was only a matter of time before Amazon pulled the plug as Amazon was eating the credit card fee on every $1,000 transaction. It was a good run Amazon Payments, thank you for the memories.




2 thoughts on “The End of One of the Best Travel Hacks: Amazon Payments

  1. […] Last Day for Amazon Payments is October 12th – I’ve talked about the death of Amazon Payments earlier but this is a reminder to send your final $1,000 payment to someone on or before October 12th. When […]


  2. I am new to this concept. Started working in company in India. Please help in getting an alternative to Amazon payments, I want to travel for less. Thanks for your website.


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