AMAZING DEAL ALERT: One Way Flight to Italy for $130!!!

There is currently a huge mistake fare on Alitalia that is offering a way one ticket from JFK to Italy for $130!  The best dates seem to available in October or November – use to book this and choose a multi-city itinerary. This will go fast!


$130 Flight!!

$130 Flight!!

Per Mighty Travels, you can also go to other cities for a little more money – more details here.

Step 1: Click on multiple destination.
Step 2: Search for a one-way flight for example from NYC to Milan on 11/25 for example. Then click the + sign to add a 2nd leg. Make it from Prague to Tokyo for example on 12/03.  You won’t actually have to take that 2nd leg.

You will need to buy a return ticket but you could possibly use miles or find another cheap one way ticket.

This will not last – GO GO GO!



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