Quick Deal Alert: All Inclusive Caribbean Resort $38 Per Night

Quick post on a deal alert I saw on Cheap Caribbean for an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic for only $38 per night. The resort is the Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort in Puerto Plata and I’ve actually stayed at this very resort back in 2012. Since it’s all inclusive you get all drinks, food and activities included which makes this an exciting deal.

However, I’ll be very upfront – we had a poor stay here and I won’t personally return but according to TripAdvisor, the reviews on average seem to have gotten better so it very well might be worth it now. Our main issue had to do with being assigned a poor room and some issues with the housekeeping staff. It certainly could have been a off-one experience so I would suggest doing your research on the resort before making a final decision.

A few things to note:

– It is in Puerto Plata, not Punta Cana so don’t expect a lovely, white sand beach. The resort does have several nice pools and these cool cabanas by the beach which were nice.

– Flights are generally expensive since there aren’t that many options from the US. Only United, American and JetBlue fly there. Try to use miles to save on the flights.

– I think this trip would be fine for a long weekend but anymore then that, you might get bored by the lack of activities outside the resort.

The Cabanas

The Cabanas


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