The Blog is Back and Some Future Scheduling Updates

After a nice vacation in Hawaii, I’m eager to return this blog to a more regular posting schedule. It’s been almost two weeks since my last Points & Miles 101 post and I’m sure you’re yearning for more (unless my April Fools post held you over…like it did for some of my-coworkers.)

Some of the upcoming posts will focus on:

  • Points & Miles 101 – The next segment in this series is obtaining your credit score for free and I plan to follow it up with posts discussing more about points and miles themselves – (which kind of points and miles exist, are all points and miles equal, etc.) I will also provide you with some tools and instructions on how to get ready for that first credit card application.
  • Award Trip Breakdown – This is a new series I’m about to start that will discuss more in-depth on how I acquired points and miles for trips and then how I actually booked them. I already touch upon this in Where I’ve Traveled on Points & Miles but I want to provide a little more detail on how I earned the points & miles for a particular trip and how easy it can be for you to do the same.
  • Trip Reports & Reviews – I’m not 100% decided on this yet but I’m thinking about doing trip reports for any trip I used points and miles on. This will have nothing to do with points and miles but will instead showcase my opinions of the airlines, hotels, activities and restaurants I experienced. I don’t know if my readers will be interested in this but my thought process is if someone saw a more in-depth review of say the Andaz Maui, it might give you that extra boost to start focusing on booking your own vacation plans (and hopefully using points and miles to get there!)

Stay Tuned!



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